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Glorynewsonline is a Christian digital media and event management and services firm.

With the full complements of technical savvy and industry professional, Glorynewsonline provides a full complement of event services plus an outstanding addition of various media services (digital and traditional media forms).

Having provided and been the major source of digital media advertisement for most events and technically involved for most events in Ghana, Glorynewsonline happens to your major source for all Christian events and digital media, advertising/promotion needs.

Communicating through digital media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) and Bulk SMS is now recognized as the most effective and immediate way of reaching out to and keeping in touch with church members, clients, customers, employees, business partners, stakeholders, families members, friends and loved ones. With great results comes Glorynewsonline platform that enables you to reach out to as many as possible.

Providing News, Music, Sermons, Videos & other resources to the Christian community in Ghana & Beyond. Live Tweeting(#LT) via @Gnuzonline on Twitter| Promoting| Publicity| Advertising| Live Streaming| Artiste Profiling.


Our major objectives are:
1. To enable engaged interaction between you and your customers, clients, church members, event attendees and audience.
2. To provide cutting edge Christian based solutions to your events and activities.

It is without doubt that regular contact with the congregations, fans, customers, as well as audience is the surest way to growing a church, maintaining your clients, customer, promoting your events, products and services. Communicating with the congregant, customers and fans create a human face for the church, organization, business as well as amplify your interest and desire to meet all their

Attaining audience loyalty is a journey that must not be taken lightly. Unfortunately, some organizations neither have the time nor the resources to contact their audience consistently, thus, failing to attain the all-important goal of religious bonding, patronizing your products and services.

No matter the size of your organization, providing a smooth and highly proficient mode of communication will promote relationships. Glorynewsonline provides a highly affordable means of interactions at an affordable cost


Through highly engaging Digital Media Marketing & Traditional Public Relations, connecting you to a high volume of new clientele & exposing your Brand & Business to new demographics locally & internationally.


The Organization can benefit from our service in various ways as indicated below:
1. News circulation and generation
2. Sponsored Posts/Products
3. Advertising and Promotion of products, services, events, music etc.
4. Digital Magazines
5. Website Development & Management
6. Events;
i. Promotions & Publicity, Event Management & Organizing, Artiste Bookings, Digital/Social
Media Marketing, Ticketing (printing and/or selling), Technical Consultation and Event
ii. Coverage – Photography, Live Streaming (Video/Audio/Social Media) & Updates.
7. Artiste Profiling
8. Church Management Software System
9. Bulk SMS
10. Social Media Management

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