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How to Effortlessly Save your Marriage with Social Media

How to Effortlessly Save your Marriage with Social Media
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How to Effortlessly Save your Marriage with Social Media

Did you know that 20percent id divorces involve Facebook?
As a social media manager and avid Facebook user myself, i was nit surprised by this statistic.

Facebook’s convenient social engagements is an excellent way to stay in contact with old friends especially when it is sometimes couched in the privacy of a message inbox.
But this convenience is also why Facebook is so dangerous for modern marriages.
Upon alot of discussions and continual conversations on this topic, social media is largely harmless, but if not approached with discretion, it leads to many down paths of emotional and even physical infidelity.
We are not blind to this potential – and you shouldn’t be either.

There are guards you can use for your social media interaction after marriage.


Look, if a couple have separate social media accounts on Facebook, twitter ans Instagram as most of us do, social media passwords should be shared.

Now don’t be quick overrule this. Let me mildly open your eyes small.
Compile all social media passwords in one location and allow so that you can both access each other’s account at will. It is not that you don’t trust one another, but the truth is we all need accountability.
If you are nervous about your spouse accessing your social media, ask yourself, why that is cause for concern.
If your husband were to read through your Facebook messages, what would he find? If your wife perused your friend list, who would be in that list?
Privacy is keen only for a bit and not the long way through in marriage. A sincere answer to the two questions i asked will really brighten the corner for A marriage that is failing by social media so that it can be saved by the same social media


When you become a mother, you notice a pattern of behaviour among new moms. Soon after the birth of their child, profiles pictures, cover photos, and Facebook new feeds change. That’s fine.

It becomes as if wives or the women no longer had husbands. Profiles now become a parade of mama and baby photos.
I am speaking as an authority on my line of work since i work on social media, websites, and online management.
Statuses become a document of baby’s every milestone, and pictures only occasionally include the husband whose novelty had all but worn off.

Now, I don’t think these women intentionally leave their husbands off their social media channels, but they aren’t intentionally including them, either.

Whether we like it or not, who we are on social media reflects our personal priorities.
Let me say this that if we are going God’s way, their your MARRIAGE COMES BEFORE YOUR KIDS. Because our God detests divorce!

Now, because many always comes before your kids, it is not a bad idea at all to include Your husband in either your profile or cover photo on Facebook. You can frequently mention him on your Instagram and blog. The same applies to the husbands as well.
Infact, acknowledging one another publicly on social media reveals that we are involved in one another’s lives.


Acknowledging your spouse on social media is one way to project unity in the public sphere but only of what you say is positive!

How we talk about our spouse reveals the quality of our relationship. That’s why you both should commit to never complain about one another on social media or other mediums.

I am in alot of Facebook groups with other women and i love the people I’ve met there. It’s easy to think these groups are a safe place to vent about marital issues, and you would certainly be supported if you did so. But don’t.
If you have a problem in your marriage, complaining about it wont make it better.
It wont make your attitude better. It wont honour God or the Gospel.

If you have a marital problem first take it to God, and afterwards take it to one of the older women you believe and ask for Biblical-based guidance.
This protects the reputation of your husband and honours your marriage


Well, i tell you as an advice. This is the best practice whether or not you are married.

If one of your social media connections is a stumbling block in your life, delete him or her. It’s that simple
I know there are dozens of reasons we cant delete Facebook friends, bur quite frankly, you absolutely can. Whats more, you can even delete your Facebook account itself. And if your social media is driving a wedge if distrust into your marriage, that may be exactly what you need to do.
Former boyfriends or girlfriends, sketchy coworkers, or past friends who “reach out” for emotional support are all candidates for deletion.
Its not personal. Its wisdom. I would rather offend an acquaintance than jeopardize my marriage.
If i can prevent offense, i will do so but not at the cost of my husband’s trust or my wife’s trust. As a Mr or Mrs, I am not here on social media to emotionally support anyone but my husband, my wife, My God and if otherwise, then i am off. That’s the mentality
You can keep your social media accounts and your spouse can keep their social media accounts but these principles will help you walk in peace in your marriage, blessed by the unity and honesty that you will maintain.

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