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I used to understand the Term “Mindustry”

Mindustry = Ministry + Industry
This is used to explain how we gospel musicians are “somehow” still in the music industry. I kind of get it. Well a bit.

These days, I’m beginning to be more aware of the danger of the term. I recently heard a few friends of mine use it and the context got me just a tinny bit worried. Here’s why.

In my mind, the music industry is governed by some rules and principles. For example, here are some of the words and principles that are very important and probably most important in the Music Industry.

Marketting, Profit, Fame, Followers, Awards, Hit Albums, Collaboration with others famous artist, competition, trendy, branding, staying “relevant”, etc.

The music ministry is quite different I think. In fact I think it’s seriously opposite, let’s try and analyze it like this.

And let me start by saying, singing a Christian song doesn’t automatically make one a music minister. One MUST FIRST be a Christian. Not a church attender but a sinner who has surrendered their life to Jesus.

Surrender here is not just lifting of hands during song ministrations, or playing Christian songs as a musician or even preaching.

Surrender here implies dependence on Jesus. It implies an active intentional desire to be like Jesus in lifestyle not just song and arrangements or awards or genre.

It doesn’t mean to be perfect but to seek to be guided in our choices, and in actions, based on Jesus”s leading and principles. This post is more for Christian musicians and relevant stakeholders. If you aren’t, you are still welcome to read 😊.

If ministry is about serving God and doing the works JESUS did i.e
Preach/Teach/ Heal,
then perhaps our lives and consequently, ministries should ONLY be about Him and not a combination of His ways and the ways of any other system ( Music Industry). Our ministries should Preach, Teach and Heal too. Just like the one we follow.

Please don’t conclude yet. Pay attention to my choice of words. If by virtue of our spiritual birth we are called to NOT conform but rather be transformed, then maybe our principles in ministry should NEVER be similar to a world that’s devoid of Christ. How can the two coexist? Or be similar!?

It’s the principle of exclusivity. Surely you understand that “ not conforming”
And “conforming” are mutually exclusive. It’s not possible to do both. You are either conforming or you are not.

This is not my mere opinion. 😊. The Bible says it in many ways. The wisdom of the world, The lord of the earth etc.

So somehow, the Christian Ministry can’t be in any way succumbed in its approach and principles to the Music Industry. We should be making clear Gods ways as we are being transformed.

For example
Awards- Do we know those calling us to come receive these music awards are the same organizations and maybe people awarding all the other amazing non Christian artistists?
Yes. They determine the criteria. Is that not something worth thinking about?

What valid criteria can they use to reward Gods servants? To do that one must at least know God’s expectations I think. Shouldn’t it?

Another huge misconception.
Successful Minister!
Should we musicians use the same yardstick of success? What do you look out for in a successful non Christian artist? Is your mind by default using the same yardstick? 😊
Well it’s our default mindset. Success in ministry has sadly been redefined. Look at those God called successful. Check out what He was concerned about.

When the Bible speaks about being eternally minded and to seek His kingdom FIRST and “All other things will be added” what does that really mean to Christian musicians?

This scripture has sadly made some feel very disappointed when after decades of ministry they don’t have a huge studio. Or huge house or hit songs.

I used to think that “ and all other things shall be added” meant nice things like; a lovely wife, wealth, a mansion, nice cars, studios, awards etc.

I’m beginning to realize that the more we truly seek first after God, the more our perception about “nice things” changes.
As we seek God TRULY, our desires change. It will. As we seek Him we begin to long after the things He longs after.

We get impressed by what impresses Jesus. His priority becomes ours. His priority was souls. He was compassionate. He wanted all to be saved not just be “happy” and “wealthy”.

Our desires changes from wanting a mansion to wanting a Godly Home. A home where the Holyspirit is welcome and present. A home where the kids are prophesying and even our arguments are biblical.

Our desires change from wanting huge titles to wanting Only God to be glorified in everything. We actually get scared of self glory.

My desire is changing from wanting to just write hit songs, mix or produce but to understand God’s plan and desire for every song I’m privileged to work on. To becareful to be conscious of Jesus’s priority.

To consider a chance to be part of His work on earth here a privilege, and not an opportunity for profit and fame. Or An opportunity to gain subscribers.

My desire has Changed from wanting a nord stage 3 or iMac to wanting to rather be blessed so I can give it away.

🤭 Did I just say sow a Nord 3 into someone’s life? Errrmmm. Maybe not yet 😩🙈🙈
I’m not there yet to be honest. Let me not lie. As at now it will be hard paaaaa. I’m yet to express Christ’s heart like that.

But I wish Like Abraham, I can be yeilded to Jesus to the point where nothing else matters but to please Him. Even to the point of losing my family. That’s crazy men! That just makes most of what we do and care about so trivial.


So yes. The next time you use or hear the word “Mindustry” be cautious. Maybe there’s no commonality intended by God between the Music Industry and Jesus Called Ministries.

Maybe we musicians out of convenience and wanting to unconsciously justify our meddling with the world, console ourselves with those terms ; Mindustry. Maybe!!!

The truth is when i think of ministry these are the words that I believe should be evident as a priority in our activities and choices.

  1. Sacrifice and selflessness
  2. Representing Jesus and not self branding .
  3. Impact not numbers (followers/subscribes)
  4. Changed lives not just hit songs or awards
  5. Encounters not entertainment
  6. Revealing Christ not arrangements and chords.
  7. Pushing Gods agenda not ours.

We are not off the world though in it. We are the salt of the earth. We are journeying to be like Jesus. We will be hated and persecuted.
We will demonstrate the glory and Power of God. We have won the victory.

I write these post because we can’t keep silent always. Sometimes by not speaking we are speaking.

So Be Bold!! He who has called you will lead you into all truth!!

By: Kobby Jerbette 


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