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Advertisement on glorynewsonline.com (Glorynews.xyz) offers clients the ability to target marketing campaigns that are ‘web-only’.

These ad opportunities will give your products and services high exposure of our web users.

  1.  No profanity
  2. Agree to like our Page(https://www.facebook.com/GloryNews) and to invite at least between 200-500 people to like the Page within the advertisement period.
  3. Agree that we shall not be held responsible for no turn up from people who have seen the advert.
  4. Provide any/or all of these advertisement designs (already designed by your designers). See: Units & Formats below.

Units & Formats
The diverse range of available advertising formats (standard IAB units) include:

  • Top Banner
    Size:   720 pixels (width) x 90 pixels (height)
  • Above Content  –
    Size:   728 pixels (width) x 90 pixels (height),
  • Below Content  –
    Size:   728 pixels (width) x 90 pixels (height)
  • Sidebar      –
    Size:  480 pixels (width) × 480 pixels (height)
    300 pixels (width) × 300 pixels (height)
    300 pixels (width) × 700 pixels (height).


  • PARTIAL Advertisement

    Choose PARTIAL Advertisement Pack1 for your song to be uploaded on glorynewsonline.com.
    This package is
    @$10 for ‘AUDIO song upload only with a short write up and your song’s cover picture. This package only puts your song in Glorynewsonline’s archieves after 2days of being on Frontpage.PACKAGE TWO:
    Choose PARTIAL Advertisement Pack 2
    This package is @ $150 including:*Pack1 +Plus Promotion of Cover-photo of song on every page of the website for 2months,

    *Your video becomes First play on Our Inspirational playlist

  • FULL Advertisement –
    Choose FULL Advertisement PACK1 for your song to be uploaded on glorynewsonline.com.
    This package
    is @$100 which includes:
    *Promotion of Cover-photo of song on every page of the website for 3months*Inline post advertisements(before or after our posts) for 3months
    Choose FULL Advertisement PACK2
    This package is @ $1000 and includes:
    *Free 10 song uploads, *Promotion of Cover-photo of song on every page of the website for 6months + 2months free

    *Promotion of your designed ads and writeups for each of the 10 songs launch/release dates,

    * live streaming of your songs launching via your provided link

    * and inline post advertisements(before or after our posts)

  • Sponsored post on glorynewsonline.com starts at $40.

Advertising options

  • 728×90 pixels leaderboard, 160×600 pixels skyscraper, 300×250 pixels rectangle, take-over
  • CPM, CPC and fixed placements
  • geographical targetting
  • targetting by section (news, business, sports, entertainment)

Contact our corporate sales department if you want to advertise with impressions (CPM) or have specific needs for targetting. We can offer you a tailored solution starting from $ 1000.

We accept

  • Animated or static GIF;
  • JPG image file banner;
  • An audio creative must have an on/off button, or a mouse-over;
  • May contain HTML, Flash, GIF and simple JavaScript;
  • Flash: Adobe Flash version 8 animation (SWF incl. GIF backup);
  • Each creative must be delivered as a SWF(Flash Player File) with the clicktag action for measuring
    clicks according Industry Standard;
  • Animation loop unlimited;
  • Alt text maximum 128 characters;
  • An active clickthrough/ URL must be provided for each creative;
  • Actionscript should look like (Flash 8 Action Script version )
  • ActionScript 3 is not supported!

Deadline delivery
All standards ads must be provided three (3) business days before the campaign start date.

If you agree, please Contact us by clicking below.

NOTE: Glorynews  reserves the right, without any further explanation or motivation, to refuse or reject advertisements, without incurring any liability for damages towards the client.