Nathaniel-Bassey-1 (1)I came across an article online with the caption, “7 secular musicians that made it big after leaving church choir” I wasn’t surprised. Because indeed the figure is much higher than that. The fact is that most of the people, the younger generation that is, in the secular music industry at the moment have their roots in church. It is worrisome no doubt but if we read the scriptures, we’ll realize such things have been aforementioned. We have discussed some of the issues we face as Christian musicians, and I remember speaking about honour a few weeks back. The need to honour and support our own. You may source that out, I’m sure it would bless you. However, what is rather disturbing is the fact that our own people, in church, seem to envy the “success” of the secular musicians and justify their switch to the secular industry. And this speaks volumes. It shows we are yet to truly grasp what Christianity is all about. More so, what being a gospel musician, or more appropriately, a music minister like I choose to call it, entails.

Christianity is not about hitting it big oooooooo ! (Emphasis on the oooo). Neither is gospel music. It’s not about using the name of Jesus to have hits, fame, cars, land, houses, endorsements, women, awards etc. it is about TAKING UP YOUR CROSS AND FOLLOWING JESUS !!! Where did this “hitting it big Christianity come from”? Yes ! We can hit it big, we serve a God of breakthroughs, and as New Testament believers we are armed with the knowledge of Christ’s finished work on the cross, and know it’s his will that we prosper as our souls prospers. And you may have seen from my previous posts that I’m a firm believer in the prosperity of God’s people. But those are mere benefits. Christianity is about living the life of God. After dying to flesh and things of this world. So If your sole aim and ambition is to hit it big as a gospel musician, you better SWITCH NOW ! Because I serve a God that disappoints the devices of the crafty.

And You may just be frustrated. Satan in his temptation of Jesus offered him the whole world in exchange for worship. What do you think is happening now??? The devil won’t come physically with horns on his head and blood dripping from is tongue to say that? He comes in subtle ways, nicely packaged in the form of platforms and opportunities to lure many away. That’s why I’m not a fan of music reality shows, because i see them as baits and hooks. Indeed that article justifies this. Many who have “hit it big” go in as Christians, a lot of them singing christian songs during the auditions and competition, and as soon as they win, switch, or are compelled to do so by the record labels or show organizers as the case may be. That’s why I have declined being a judge or umpire when invited. But I know a number of you may not agree with this particular point, but it’s okay. No wahala. We have seen recent pictures of Coptic Christians from Egypt who were beheaded just because of their faith in Christ. They chose to die gruesomely in the hands of the terror group, Isis, than deny Christ, while some of us are already denying Him (or planning to deny him) just for material things, pleasures and transient riches. The same was the case with the great apostles we read about in scripture. Many of them after performing great signs, wonders and miracles suffered untold hardship and died painfully, for Christ.

We are not even talking about dying “sef” (colloquial Naija expression), and we are already denying the cross of Jesus. Honestly, if people really knew what it meant to be born again, they would seriously consider before responding to an altar call. There is a life that is beyond food, cloths and shelter. It is the life of the Spirit. And no matter what you own and have in this present world ,without Christ you are empty. Ever heard of the expression JOY UNSPEAKABLE AND FULL OF GLORY? It has nothing to do with material things. It’s a joy that the HolyGhost gives. Exclusive to those in Christ Jesus. Money can’t buy it. By Gods grace I’ve been privileged to meet one or two secular guys, and also know and met one that switched, and switched back to the kingdom.

They tell me CLEARLY, all that life is NOTHING. EMPTINESS AND VANITY. And I hear things like, ” I admire you”. That’s because deep in their hearts they know where they ought to be. And that’s why we must pray for them, and if led, reach out to them in love. ( Not by collaborating with them though, because our people now use “the reaching out” excuse to explain their musical collaborations with them) . So friends and fellow music ministers, let’s wake up and discern. You are the one living the “good life”. Because the God-life is the good life. Don’t wait till you loose the joy of your salvation, anointing and glory before you realize what precious thing you had. It is not worth it. May we all find grace to stand till the very end, in Jesus’ name. Amen. God bless you. Please help send to a gospel musician you know. It might just save a soul.

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