Everybody Needs An Enemy – Prophet Gideon Danso

Everybody Needs An Enemy – Prophet Gideon Danso

As 2019 wraps up, Christians the world over celebrate Christmas to thank God for His protection and the gift of Jesus Christ. For centuries, Pastors have focused on spiritual aspect of the birth of the Lord, Jesus Christ, the Saviour. But in recent times, upon further studies and deeper reflections, Pastors have began to further discover the benefits of the season, relating it to our everyday life.

One of such Pastors is the dynamic, youthful, energetic and spirit-filled Pastor of Empowerment Worship Centre, Accra, Ghana, Prophet Gideon Danso.

This year, in what he tagged his shortest sermon ever preached, he encouraged his congregation and Christians in general to reflect on the events that led to the birth of Christ.

“In order for Jesus to be Messiah, He had to be born in Bethlehem.” But both Joseph and Mary were not positioned to fulfill this prophecy.”

Many Christians are not aligned with God’s plan for their lives and need to be redirected in order to fulfill God’s will. This is why God raises an enemy who will take us away from our wrong path to God’s right path. He says the enemy plays a role in the prophetic destiny of every human.

Congregation listens to Prophet Danso’s Christmas message. Photo: Empowerment Worship Centre

Knowing that Jesus could not have been born outside Bethlehem and Mary would not acknowledge Joseph had he asked her at that stage of pregnancy to embark on a journey to Bethlehem, God had to use a higher authority who could not be disobeyed to orchestrate the journey of Joseph and Mary to Bethlehem.

“There was a prophecy about where the Messiah must be born because when it comes to God, He means what He says and He says what He means. God is very specific in what He does.

“God knowing Mary won’t listen to Joseph, took somebody bigger, somebody higher because some of you if your friends were to push you, you won’t get it. So God will provoke an enemy against you.

He says the role Emperor Augustus Caesar played in the birth of Christ by decreeing a census about the time Jesus was born was significant to fulfilling prophesy. Comparing that to the challenges of modern-day reality, he says,

“Not every pain is meant to destroy you. Some pains are meant to strengthen you.

“This Christmas I want you to thank God for Augustus Caesar in your life.

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Christmas is about Christ. Reflecting on the birth of Christ is also an opportunity for us to correct our path.

“We have Christmas because it was prophesied. Christmas is a time for second chance for all those who think they have missed it in life, God is giving you a time to repair, restore…”

“Just in case you are trying to figure out things in your own mind, you better go to God because if you go to God, I tell you that God will give you specific details as to what to do and what not to do.”

When Christians read the story of the birth of Christ and the challenges Mary and Joseph faced in the journey to Bethlehem, it is often spiritualized. But physically, it was a painful session. Mary was young, and inexperienced, being her first pregnancy. Traveling on the back of a Donkey, walking for a while and going into labour on such a journey is a painful process. It was difficult for Mary to get to Bethlehem but she had to go through this pain because she was not at the place of her destiny.

Prophet Danso delivering his Christmas message on 25 Dec 2019. Photo: Empowerment Worship Centre

He encouraged Christians to remain steadfast in Christ because every challenge is meant to push you higher in life and closer to God’s plan for your life. Joseph must have been distraught wondering why he was going through this pain with his wife at this time.

“Life might look chaotic but wait for God to finish it.”

Christmas is a time for you to evaluate the assignment of everybody in your life. The decree was meant for Joseph and his family to fulfill prophecy.

“Christmas is a time to thank God for all those enemies of your life who plotted to destroy you. Augustus Caesar is part of your prophetic destiny.”

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