What are the biggest red flags that a partner is using you?

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  1. When you meet him for the first time he seem very into you…almost like they are on a mission to win your heart.
  2. He’ll wine and dine you, including buying you flowers and expensive gits.
  3. He’ll say all the right things you want to hear and make a lot of promises.
  4. You may feel like your relationship is being rushed.
  5. When you ask what he does for a living he’ll give you a vague answer.
  6. He may disappear for short periods on supposed business trips.
  7. He may tell you a nice story and ask to stay at your place.
  8. He may ask to use your car.
  9. He may borrow money from you with promises to pay you back when a supposed “big” transaction comes through.


  1. She may seem like she’s very into you the one moment and may be very withdrawn the next.
  2. She may seem secretive.
  3. She may say that she likes you but her body language may be cold.

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Soource: Quora – Jimmy Roos

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